sound gallery

Over time, I've gradually spent more of my free time playing, and occasionally recording, my own music. I find it to be a relaxing endeavor, and sometimes I'm even a little surprised by the results. 

I arrive at these sounds through the following means: a Breedlove acoustic guitar, Hagstrom electric guitar, Fender bass guitar, an old Yamaha electronic drum set, a midi keyboard and several Moog apps for iOS, the John Petrucci Signature Cry Baby Wah, Electro-Harmonix Memory Man & EH Soul Food Overdrive pedals, and various other percussion instruments and a few random goodies. The tracks below were recorded entirely on a Tascam DP-008 EX. 

Other than the occasional cover tune, many of my pieces don't quite reach fully realized song status, many of these cuts are just interesting sound vignettes that express my mood or feelings at the moment.



Indie Rock

Dream Pop

Kraut/Prog Rock